Association Management

Lake of the Ozarks

Our association management services are based on the needs of each association. We specialize in smaller complexes of around 50 units or less. We allow our associations to choose from a menu of services and we can provide various levels of assistance. This approach allows the association to select the services they want and not pay for services that they don’t actually need.

We charge a flat rate per unit of $15.00 each month and then a percentage on services provided. We help prepare budgets, collect assessments, prepare for future expenses and handle maintenance issues, pool cleaning, landscaping, etc. However for maintenance, landscaping, pools, etc. we utilize outside professionals so that you pay for each job instead of paying someone to sit around or paying three people to do the job of one.
Give us a call and we would be glad to speak with you and put together a proposal that will satisfy the needs of your association or community.