Many people think that sleeper sofas in vacation rentals are a good idea. Not only do they provide a place to sit, but also extra sleeping. Many new property owners will ask us, “Do I need a sleeper sofa in my Lake of the Ozarks vacation rental property?” Owners that don’t currently have a sleeper sofa let us know that they plan to purchase one. Or they tell us that they plan to replace the current sleeper sofa. We tell them that they may want to re-think that purchase.


Pros and Cons of Having a Sleeper Sofa in Vacation Rentals

Let’s look at the pros and cons of having a sleeper sofa in your vacation rental at the Lake of the Ozarks. Pros: The sleeper also doubles as a sofa. While this is obvious, it’s also pretty much the only pro to having a sleeper sofa. Cons: This list is a little longer, as a sleeper sofa is uncomfortable, heavy, expensive, difficult to repair and did I mention uncomfortable?

Most of us have probably had to sleep on a sleeper sofa at some point in our lives. It does work in a pinch, but the thin mattress and steel bar running through your back just isn’t that attractive. After the frame and mattress are a few years old, the couch seats start to sink in and the couch becomes uncomfortable too.

We do a lot of golf reservations, for mostly older men, who all like to sleep one person per bed. Their first request every single time is “no sleeper sofas.”


Sleeper Sofa vs. Air Mattress

About 10 years ago, we started suggesting that our owners replace their sleeper sofas in vacation rentals with a nice, double high, queen size air mattress. Air mattresses have come a long way in the last couple of decades and provide a more comfortable sleeping option for your guests. Today’s air mattresses are self-inflating, are double high so that you are not sleeping right on the floor and some even have built in head rests!

An air mattress also weighs about a thousand pounds less than a sleeper sofa! Now you can buy a regular couch and save about 40-50% off the price of a sleeper sofa. You will also have more options to choose from. Save your back and your wallet by switching to a nice air mattress, which will only cost you between $60 – $75, instead of $499-$800. Even if you have to replace it every so often, you will still be money ahead and your back (or the delivery persons) will thank you.

Just put the air mattress in a trunk or in a closet along with the sheets, pillows and blankets (to make it easy for the guest to find). If they need it, they have it and if not, it just stays in the trunk or closet. Most guests will appreciate how much more comfortable the air mattress is compared to the sleeper sofa. Again, this is just extra sleeping in most cases.

If you have more questions about dos and don’ts for your Lake of the Ozarks vacation home or condo, feel free to reach out to Your Lake Vacation. We are happy to help with all your Lake of the Ozarks property management needs!


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