If you’re thinking about purchasing a condo at the Lake of the Ozarks and want to offset some of your expenses with rental income, we’d love to help you pick the perfect place. We have 20 years of vacation rental experience and statistics that show some complexes rent better than others.


Location and Amenities

Location and amenities are two big factors that vacationers consider when comparing condos available for rent. Condos in Osage Beach and Lake Ozark tend to see more rental nights than those located on the North Shore, West Side or in Camdenton. Those with pools, playgrounds, tennis courts, swim docks, boat launches and on-site trailer parking also tend to see more rental nights than those without.


Land’s End

From our experience, Land’s End is the best renting condo complex at the Lake of the Ozarks. It has consistently seen higher rental nights than any other complex we have managed rentals at. In 2023, the average rental nights for our Land’s End Condos were 84 nights, compared to an average of 61 rental nights across all our condo rentals.


Knolls and Lazy Days

The Knolls Resort and Lazy Days Condominiums are up there as well, with an average of 73 rental nights in 2023. At The Knolls Resort, our two-bedroom condos saw an average of 71 rental night and our three-bedroom condos saw an average of 79 rental nights. And while there are very few one-bedroom condos there, if you can get your hands on one of those, they are in high demand. Our single one-bedroom condo there saw 138 rental nights last year. At Lazy Days, our two-bedroom condos saw an average of 81 rental nights and our three-bedroom condos saw an average of 63 rental nights.

Not only is the location of these condos great, but their amenities draw people in as well. Both Land’s End and Lazy Days have very nice outdoor pool areas and playgrounds. The Knolls Resort has both an outdoor and indoor pool, plus basketball and tennis courts, and a playground.


Updated Condos

Keep in mind that these numbers are averages, and each individual condo will perform differently based on a variety of factors. Other things to consider in addition to the complex itself, include the view from the condo and how updated the condo is. If you have a condo that is facing another building, it’s likely going to see fewer rental nights than a condo with a great view of the water. If your condo still has all the original furniture and fixtures from when it was originally built, it’s not going to see as many rental nights as a condo that has been updated to make it more modern.


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