At the Lake of the Ozarks, the number of vacationers significantly drops off when the cold weather sets in and the lake itself can’t really be enjoyed. This creates the perfect opportunity to update your vacation home or condo at the Lake of the Ozarks and get it ready for next season. Whether you’re wanting to do a major remodel or just add a few small pieces to spruce it up, the winter season is the time to do it!


A Little Can Go A Long Way

For a small budget, some little things can go a long way. Consider replacing your bedding, updating throw pillows and artwork, or adding some lamps. Lamps are often overlooked, but they can really change the look of a room quickly. If your room does not have overhead lighting, it’s especially important that you have ample lighting from lamps, either tabletop or floor lamps.

During the holiday sales, you can also add books and games, small kitchen items, and televisions to your property without breaking the bank. Many of our guests ask if the property has smart TVs, if there’s anything to do there if it’s raining outside or if there’s a crockpot available for their use. Think about what you would want to use on vacation and add those items to your rental property.


Updating for Functionality

You want to think about the functionality of your space when you start to update your vacation home as well. Do you have side tables or a coffee table? People need places to sit their drinks. Do you have enough seating for the amount of people that the rental can sleep? You want to make sure that if you have sleeping arrangements for 8 people, you also have enough seats for 8 people to dine comfortably. These seats can be split between a dining table and a breakfast bar if needed.

If your place is missing certain pieces of furniture, now could be the time to add it. If your furniture is outdated, now is a great time to upgrade. Speaking of outdated, take a look at your fixtures and hardware. Maybe you have brass light fixtures, old ceiling fans, or outdated bathroom hardware. Now is a great time to replace to items and modernize your space.


Property Overhaul

If you’re really looking to overhaul your property, a fresh coat of paint and new flooring is a great place to start! These items can really transform your space and make it stand out when compared to other rental properties. Other areas to take into consideration when choosing how to update your vacation home would be curtains, blinds and outdoor furniture. Likewise, you want to make sure there is enough outdoor seating for everyone to enjoy. No matter your budget, there’s always something you can do to improve your property and attract new guests.



If you’re thinking about updating your property this winter season and need some fresh ideas, reach out to us! Here at Your Lake Vacation, we want to work with our owners to create the best experience for our guests. Updating your property is a great way to make yours stand out among the thousands of vacation rental properties at the Lake of the Ozarks!


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