outdoor table on a deck overlooking the lake of the ozarksDo you own a second home or condo at the Lake of the Ozarks? Has what started out as a great place to vacation with your family whenever you want, turned into a property that you don’t necessarily use as much as you had originally planned? Would you like to offset some of those expenses associated with owning the property? Now’s the time to think about hiring a vacation rental manager at the Lake of the Ozarks.


Vacation Rental Management

Finding the right company to manage your Lake of the Ozarks vacation rental property can make a big difference in your overall experience. Are you just looking to make a few extra dollars here and there or do you want to make as much income from this investment property as you can? Whatever your personal situation, you need to make your expectations clear when you start interviewing potential property managers. Below are a few things to consider when looking into hiring a vacation rental manager.


1. Experience.

Obviously, experience counts! Find out how long the company has been managing property, as well as how successful they have been in renting properties similar to yours. Beware of any company that promises a certain number of rental nights or amount of income. However, a good company will be able to give you estimates on potential income/number of rental nights based on their past history with similar properties.


2. Services.

What types of support services does the vacation rental manager offer? Things to consider include housekeeping, maintenance, interior design, AC & appliance repair, landscaping & yard work, etc. Is the company available 24/7 for any issues that may arise? Having one person to handle all these aspects of your vacation property can add a lot of value, saving you time and money.


3. Marketing.

Be sure to ask how the company markets their vacation rental properties. Do they provide plenty of pictures, virtual tours, videos and detailed information about the property? Do they utilize social media, digital marketing and email marketing? Is their website easy to navigate and is the presentation professional? In addition to the company website, how else do they advertise? Do they list properties on sites such as HomeAway and VRBO?


4. Damage.

Since damage is always a possibility, how does the company go about screening their potential guests? How are any damages handled? Do they offer a damage protection plan or require a security deposit? Consider asking them for examples of past damages and how they handled the situations.


5. Ethics.

Your potential Lake of the Ozarks property manager should also have good ethics and be truthful about the potential for your property. Does the company have a good reputation in the community? Do they belong to other professional organizations? You should be able to ask for references from current owners, as well as from professionals within the Lake Area community. You should also feel at ease and comfortable with the potential property manager.


A “Good” Property Manager

Beware of companies that rent their properties on a rotating basis. If you have a nice property or a great location, you’ll want to avoid companies such as this. Your hard work, decor, amenities and location should be allowed to work in your favor. A company that presents all of their properties in the same manner and allows your features to sell your property to potential renters is your best bet.

A good vacation rental manager at the Lake of the Ozarks should also be able to give you guidance on which types of properties and which locations rent the best, assisting your real estate agent to help find the right property for your needs.

Your Lake Vacation is a professional vacation rental management company at the Lake of the Ozarks since 1986. If you would like more information on renting your home or condo as a vacation rental, please give our office a call at 573-365-3367.


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